A NES cartridge is being sold on eBay for $12,000. These limited-edition gray cartridges were given to the 90 semi-finalists of the 1990 Nintendo World Championship, a contest that pitted children in a feast of carnage, Mario worshiping and Tetris psychedelia that apparently was inspired by an equally psychedelic movie: The Wizard, with Fred Savage. This special NES cartridge contained three games:

• Super Mario Brothers.
• A special course of Rad Racer.
• Tetris.

If you think it's too expensive, you are right: one of these cartridges was sold already on eBay for $6,100, while the gold version (only 26 of this version were manufactured) has gone as high as $20,000. I would rather keep playing Monkey Island on my iPhone, thank you very much. [eBay via Gamesniped]