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I'm going to give the GoNintendo folks the benefit of the doubt here because a) the screen, which is apparently a CRT, has those little CRT lines b) the design LOOKS feasible, but not nearly kid-friendly enough and c) the guy said his cousin took these. And this isn't just any cousin. It's his first cousin.

However, what he have here is a fuzzy, weird screen for the Revolution. You'll notice the tres DS-like UI, the wireless controller indicators in the corner—which flash green, yellow, or red depending on the signal strength—and the nude photos of Princess Peach. Oh. Wait. That was in another leak that only we got to see and let us tell you: the Princess has been eating a few too many Toadstools, if you catch my drift. Anyway, let's see if anything else in this Nintendo rumor mill pans out.


*RUMOR* Revo interface leak? [GoNintendo]