Illustration for article titled Nintendo Stops Charging for the Wiis Browser, Emulates an Apology

You know what was dumb, until just now? That you had to pay, at least in Wii Points, to download the console's Opera browser, which isn't very good. Today, Nintendo would like to let you know that they're (somewhat) sorry!


The deal, according to ElectricPig, is as follows: If you never dropped those 500 Wii Points on access to the Internet Channel, you can now download it for free. If you for whatever reason had, you're entitled to free access to "a Virtual Console NES title worth 500 points," which, despite the vague phraseology, is pegged with an October release date. In other words, it's a specific game, instead of a simple 500-point credit, or at least a range of titles.

To be fair, they didn't have to give users anything, and no matter how marginally useful the browser is, whenever it was free—like at launch—it felt like a nice value add. [ElectricPig via Kotaku]


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