Nintendo Wii Price Cut to $199 in Two Weeks

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A Toys R US ad for Sept. 27 follows a Walmart list that makes it seem pretty damn likely the Wii's gonna drop to $199 in the next couple of weeks. With Wii Sports intact, even. About time. [Kotaku]




At $199, it is still about $100 too expensive. I recognize it is the undisputed winner of the console sales this generation, but when Nintendo can still make a tidy profit at a hundred bucks a pop, they should go ahead and sell it at that price. That said, I suspect they will sell a bunch of them at the two hundred dollar price point, so their marketing folks should ignore my worthless thoughts on the subject. Besides, they will need that extra profit for R&D to come up with their next generation gimmick to kick Sony and Microsoft's butt again.