Nintendo Wii to Cost About $250

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We can't hardly wait. The PS3 is coming. The Wii is coming. And maybe there'll be some cool XBox games with HD-DVD support. Best of all? Buying a Wii will leave us plenty of Bar Mitvah money in order to invest in a partial ownership/timesharing plan on the super 'spensive PS3!

The Wii will ship March 31, 2007Q4/October and sell for less than 25,000 yen in Japan and $250 in the States. They will ship six million systems and 17 million games during this period by March 31, 2007. The resulting Cabbage-Patch-Kid-Tickle-Me-Elmo-Holiday-Mob-Rule will slaughter hundreds of innocent Best Buy employees as parents purchase sniper rifles and pick off lucky Wii purchasers in line. All will be right with the world.


UPDATE - Ok, everyone: fixed.

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