The Vitality Sensor, that Wii accessory no one seems to get, could receive some clarity tomorrow as Nintendo and the American Heart Association are scheduled to hold a "special joint announcement" that may offer new info on the device.


Or maybe not, as the only real details anyone has been able to drum up are the parties involved. That said, one would probably be safe in assuming an event between two companies—one of which has "heart" in their title and the other which has demonstrated an accessory who's purpose is to measure and track heartbeats—might offer new details on something called the Vitality Sensor. Probably.

Anyway, can you believe it's been a year since Nintendo revealed this enigmatic peripheral at E3? Very uncharacteristic of the folks in Kyoto to sit on something for so long without even an inkling of the software that will support it. Then again, this is a heartbeat monitor for a video game console. [BusinessWire via 1up via CrunchGear]

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