NMX04-1A, the 18-Foot Tall Combat-Ready Robot

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After a fine Labor Day holiday, who can resist the temptation to read about giant, man-eating robots? Currently in development, the Bipedal Exo-Skeletal Robotic Vehicle, also known as the NMX04-1A, is poised to conquer Earth by next summer when a fully-functional prototype will be ready. Apparently, the aim of this robot, and forthcoming robots like it, is to engage in some sort if gladiatorial battle inside large arenas. (That's not a joke.) Control is done inside the cockpit using mech interface manual integration control, or mimic. Check out the video of it in action and brace yourself for hot robot-on-robot combat in the months to come.

Designer's Home Page [Neogentronyx.com via TechEBlog]