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No Condoms? No Problem For True Blood's Vamps

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

HBO's new vampire/techno-blood show True Blood has released a fake TV investigation on the assimilation of vampires into the human lifestyle. From announcing the vamp presence to interviewing the anti-vampire leagues, this fake talking head reporter covers it all. But my favorite part is the in-depth interview with the fang-banger Alexa and her obviously gay vampire boyfriend David. Click through to find out more than you ever wanted about vampire lovers, or "fangofiles" as they prefer to be called. First off: Whoa, somebody needs to tell Alexa that David is a gay vampire, he's so disinterested in her and eye sexin' the interviewer like I've never seen. Second, I loved the TMI look on the reporters face when she talked about birth control. But besides all that ridiculous vamp sex stuff I find it interesting that True Blood isn't playing by the Anne Rice rules. I've always thought that if you drink vampire blood and they drink your blood, you become a vampire. But this all makes sense because in True Blood actual blood from the undead (or V juice) is a new drug and humans drink it to get high. So I like this angle to the vampire story. True Blood debuts September 7th on HBO. The Full Glossy News Story

In Focus: Shedding The Light on Vampires in America (HBO)
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