Nokia Admits That The N97 Sucked, Working to Improve Their Phones

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So the Nokia N97 was a bit of a disaster. Normally, companies pretend that all of their products are great, even when they aren't. But one Nokia VP is willing to admit that the N97 was a steamer.


Nokia's VP of Markets Anssi Vanjoki recently said in an interview that the N97 was a "tremendous disappointment in terms of the experience quality for the consumers and something [they] did not anticipate." How refreshingly candid!

Of course, he's using such candidness as an excuse to claim that they've learned their lesson and are working to make the N97 a real contender via firmware updates. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it might be a little late for firmware to save the N97, but if Nokia really is learning from its mistakes, bring on the next gen devices. If Microsoft can retool its mobile division after the abortion that was WinMo 6.5, there's no reason Nokia can't do the same. [All About Symbian via Engadget]



I don't know why they were pegging the N97 as the big top shelf product. The N900, N86, N79 and E72 are great and the 5800 series has got to be as good of an interface experience as the N97. The sliding physical keyboard is the only thing that set it apart. I think they should just move on to the X6 and leave the idea that the N97 is salvageable.