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Nokia Bringing Tactile Feedback To Touchscreen Phones

The technology that makes phones like the LG Prada wiggle is now coming to Nokia phones. A new partnership with developer Immersion opens the doors for Nokia phones to get tactile feedback from touchscreen interfaces using VibeTonz software, so typing on the virtual keyboard feels more like using the real thing.

Other applications include user interface enhancements and multimedia applications like mobile games and downloadable goodies. No official word yet from Nokia on when they will start rolling out new phones equipped with this feature, but expect them sooner rather than later as Nokia continues to quietly compete with the likes of Apple, LG and Samsung.
[via Extreme Tech]


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JMDECOMBEE- I thhighly doubt slight vibrations give people epileptic fits... I thought that had more to do with visuals. Anyway- the tacticle feedback is a great incusion. It can be used to simulate pressing buttons/pressing down on the screen and releasing from the screen (two seperate actions). I think a lot of people are used to this and, well, it feels better than pressing on a flat piece of glass. I would rather have tacticle feedback than a sound playback effect.

I bet everyone will be quick to shut off any beeping sounds a cell phone makes while typing.

I keep having flashbacks to ICQ with the typing sound >_<

Anyway, too bad Jobs didn't impliment this feature. It would have made the iphone a better piece of hardware. Maybe with iphone v2 it will be avialable. Hopefully there is a trade up program.