Nokia Can Customise Windows Phone 7 As Much As It Likes

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It appears Nokia got some pretty huge concessions out of Microsoft in return for creating the unstoppable super-team, with Nokia vice president Niklas Savander confirming the company is allowed to make as many mods to the Windows Phone OS as it wishes.

However, Savander also says Nokia plans to keep disruption at a minimum, creating either light, simple additions that won't delay the update roll-out process or heavier changes to be 'baked in' at Microsoft's end—and made available to other hardware manufacturers. As we've seen with the messy state of Android OS updates and the anger that can cause when people have to wait for their upgrade while it's skinned by the maker, that can only help win people over to the New Alliance. [Phone Scoop via Engadget]

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that within two years (maybe less) Nokia will be the sole manufacturer of Windows Phones, and Microsoft will cut the cords with all the others.

From the beginning, MS has treated Windows Phone 7 like an Apple product: a tight hardware spec, no OS customization allowed, a simple UI, limited multitasking, and a single dedicated app store. What this tells me is that MS does not want to take Android's highly fragmented, low-margin "shotgun approach". They also want to cater to the average consumer, not the techno-geeks.

A tight relationship with a leading hardware manufacturer could create something very special here while avoiding the fragmentation and chaos that is Android. It could also be a higher margin product. It could become the most Apple-like competitor in the smartphone arena.

Of course, all of this depends on two companies with a very spotty recent history to cut to the chase and develop something great. But despite that, I would not count these two out.