Nokia Design Concept Videos Show Future of Cellphoning

Nokia has released these conceptual design videos to illustrate what the future of communication will be like. It isn't just cellphones, though, the fake devices represented in these videos are pretty much do-it-all gadgets that will communicate with everything and everyone. They are also all touchscreen—go figure. The most interesting discovery in these Nokia videos is the fact that everyone in the future will be some-what cell-shaded, move in a robot-like fashion and all other forms of music, besides techno, will be abolished. Jump to see all of the videos.



Nokia posts some wicked design concept videos on YouTube [Ring Nokia]

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The bad news is that all the music in the future will suck.

I say that the biggest obstacle is that each company specialises in one content field and is not so great in others so they need to bring other companies on board to make a truely convergiant hand held device. The problem is that all of them want all of the pie. So we get situations for example where phone carriers won't allow a device that has great PC transfer to phone MP3 capacity cause then they won't be able to ream us for a payment everytime we 'download' a phone (song download time = airtime = cash). so an all dancing all singing convergient phone that can do everything is a threat to the ambitions of the telephone carrier companies making money off of song downloads if we all just usb the phone to our pc's and transfer the songs (no sure how Apple convinced Cingular to get on board).

So what's stopping it from happening? Not technology, not design, not software and certainly not price cause a device the size of the iphone that can do everything and well and in an open way then i'd pay $1,000 for (the iphone is juuuust a tad too closed a system for my liking)

Good old fashioned greed is the mainobstacle here.

Oh and, can tech companies please, please, please, get off of that idiotic 'internet on the fridge' thing. No i don't want to friggin come home and consult my fridge to find out what my family is doing. I'll have an all singing all dancing hand held remember so they can leave a messege for the whole fam and it will get CC'd to all our devices and i can read it in my hand at lesure.

Ok you had fun with the self re ordering fridge and internet on the fridge door conceptualising but it's staring to jack me off so drop it ok.