Nokia Ditching Symbian for N-Series Phones

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Symbian is being retired for Nokia's flagship range of phones, with the 720p-shooting N8 being the last phone to see the dated OS running on its little body. From now on, it's MeeGo all the way.

MeeGo, if you remember, is the offspring from Nokia's Maemo platform and Intel's Moblin, and is intended for tablets and smartphones.


The news was announced by Nokia's spokesperson Doug Dawson, who confirmed that "going forward, N-Series devices will be based on MeeGo."

It's hardly final curtains for Symbian, which will still be used in other low-end devices by Nokia (and Samsung and Sony Ericsson), but it's great that Nokia is finally seeing the light and realizing that people need more from their smartphones now. [Reuters]

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its really sad considering they paid $140 million in 2008 to buy symbian, but I dont really blame them. I am personally tired of symbian and I am glad they are moving on into something else that will actually give them a fighting chance.

And now I have more reason to get the N8, why spend money on a platform that will be discontinued?