Nokia N76 Run Over By a Hummer Limo: That's One Tough Phone

In this corner, weighing four ounces, the Nokia N76 cellphone. And in this corner, the heavyweight champion of the world, a humongous Hummer limousine, weighing in at umpteen tons. The result? See for yourself.

As we learned after executing the hapless Thanko Silent Mouse, when a small, relatively flat object is run over by a rubber tire, it can stand up to two tons of weight even if that object is made out of plastic. Now if they would have placed this Nokia N76 in between two pieces of metal and then run it over with a Hummer limousine, well, the results would probably be quite different.


The Secret Vegas Hummer Footage: Crushing the Nokia N76 [Mobile Burn Forums]



I'm sorry, but truly, not a big deal. The whole time I was hoping the driver of the Hummerzine would slip and run down a few over-exuberant geekss with their cameraphones out. Not to be a physicist on everybody (since I'm not one), but the actual pressure per square inch isn't that high with four massive tires (not to say I'd put my foot under there).

Haven't people now run over pretty much every gadget and come to the conclusion that tires aren't good at breaking gadgets - hammers are? Hell, I've seen the 1st gen iPod Nano thrown 30+ feet into the air on pavement and come down with a few scratches. I would be interested in getting a phone inside a bowl of water which is then frozen to see if that would crack the plastic... any volunteers?