Nokia N93 Used To Shoot Entire Music Video

The Nokia N93 cameraphone is so good, Rob Dickinson (former lead singer of Catherine Wheel) used it to shoot the entirety of the music video to his song Oceans. The N93 can take VGA video at 30FPS, which is quality enough for broadcast, and decent enough for a so-so music video.


What's the point of this? Soon we'll have regular folk along with news journalists (they're doing it already) shooting stuff and uploading it to their blogs straight from their phones. Citizen journalism is here, and you don't want to be caught with your pants down. Because you'll end up on YouTube.

Rob Dickinson's music video - filmed with Nokia N93 [S60 Applications Blog via OS News - Thanks Eugenia!]



Nice use of a cell phone, though as limited functionality video recorders for music videos goes, Fredo Viola is the most impressive i've seen to date:…