Nokia N96 Available for Preorder, Due 7/31 for… $1,200?!

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Nokia's upcoming N96 monsterphone might justbe coming out on July 31st with the wha-wha-whaaaa inducing pricetag of $1,200 if is to be believed. At least that's what the pre-release price is on that site - Nokia's estimated retail price is $800. That's still a bonkers price to pay for a phone, but it's significantly less bonkers than $1,200. In any case, 7/31 seems as good a date as any for the N96 to drop. We'll see if that actually happens. [ via Symbian Guru]




@RoCKSTaH53: What I suspect is that Nokia's pricing will be deemed rather reasonable, because it's the price of an unlocked phone, does this, does that, makes you fuck longer and harder, can has more emailz, can send MMS or some shit, feed the dog, walk the cat and screw the housekeeper on the side.