Nokia Podcasting Application For S60 3rd Edition, Explained

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We complained last Friday that Nokia's new Podcasting application doesn't actually podcast, and Nokia Podcasting Product Manager Steven Stewart wrote in this morning to address our concerns and explain the name craziness:

You are right... The first release will be cool mobile Podcatcher (with some advanced features exclusive to the mobile that you can't currently get from other dedicated mp3 players). But you ask that if it's a Podcatcher, why the name Nokia Podcasting?

The naming was intentional. In the near future, Nokia will offer a full mobile Podcasting solution with higher quality recording capabilities (and smaller file size), editing, uploading capabilities, and more.

The initial releases of the Nokia Podcasting Application are the first steps toward the best mobile podcasting solution. Hence our reluctance to rename the application every time a new feature is added. So the ultimate focus of the Nokia Podcasting Application is the world of Podcasting... search, discovery, preview, download, listen/watch, create, edit and uploading.

Hope that makes sense. We want to do this right so that the mobile podcasting experiences as easy and enjoyable as possible for both new users and advanced users. We are listening closely to what both listeners and podcast creaters are asking for, so if your team has any requests for features, let us know.

Good to know this is only the first step and that real podcasting is coming in "the near future", whenever that might be—we're guessing (hoping?) around the time that the N93 and N73 multimedia devices hit the market. Those of you who create podcasts or are thinking of doing mobile podcasts, what features are you looking for? Leave a comment or send us an email, and we'll be sure to pass your suggestions on.


Nokia Podcasting Application for S60 3rd Edition [MRKTNGman]

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You are invited to hear Nokia's Steven Stewart in person at the online International Podcasting Expo, October 20-22, 2006. He will be explaining the project in detail. The session is audio/visual, is open to the public, and only requires an internet connection to attend. If you have a headset microphone, you can participate verbally. Otherwise, you can ask questions via text. He will also have an online virtual booth, which will allow him to answer questions after the seminar as well.