Nokia Releases 5800 XpressMusic 'Tube' Full Video Tour

Click to viewOur hands-on with the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic 'Tube' was pretty conclusive: the 5800 is a solid, capable but somewhat underwhelming music phone. For a first attempt at a full touch interface, though, the adapted S60 operating system is actually pretty good. Slashphone has unearthed a mountain of demo footage displaying the different functions of the OS, so you can make your own judgment, but as with our hands-on video, you'll just have to try to ignore the damning, repeatedly unregistered touches that keep happening whenever the screen isn't pre-rendered.Click to viewThe social networking tools are highly functional, but I'm not sure how eager people will be to build vanity feeds for their friends. Click to viewExcited about using your 5800 with Flickr, YouTube or Facebook? Well, Nokia's got a sort clone for you, I guess. Click to viewAnd finally, the most telling "feature": two styluses (styli?)—a guitar pick and a traditional pen. Manufactures should should really be required to call these thing "pokescreen phones." [Slashphone]


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Hmmm I don't think it looks that bad, a little sluggish yes and the resistive touch screen is a let down, but Symbian has waaayyy more features than the iPhone. That's why I went with the E71 over the iPhone. I am sure with successive firmware versions the new OS will be more snappy!