Nokia Set to Release a Whole Slew of New Phones

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It looks like the Nokia press conference tomorrow is going to be more like Phone-a-Palooza. According to Gearfuse and their "official" press images, Nokia will be launching at the very least five models tomorrow inlcuding: the N81 (Gaming Phone), N95-8GB edition (Music Phone), 5700, 5610 and the 5310 (XpressMusic). Not much else is really known about the different models right now, except that the n81 is supposed to be running the new N-gage platform, but all that should change tomorrow morning (10am UK time). And as always we'll let keep you all updated the second we find out anything else. [Gearfuse]



I bought this phone on 11/28/2007 died on 02/05/2008 for the features. Pictures were good the video were good but only 15 seconds long. Music on Bluetooth headset by Southwing was good sometimes and bad at other times. Phone sound and voice were quality was good. I bought this phone unlocked on line from a company in Chicago IL. When the phone quit Nokia USA would not warranty it. They said it was bought out of country and that returning it to they Asia branch was the only option and they might not be able to get it back into the states. I was using ATT service and first boot up went find just had to update software. Never could get the PC suite to work thought I had no problem with data transfer once I got the drivers to load