Nokia Smart Home Solution Puts Power of Control Onto Your Cellphone

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With energy conservation and easy eco-friendliness on just about everybody's agenda these days, one of the most popular concepts is the “Smart Home,” a living environment that knows just how much power you actually need to be comfortable and gives you not a drop more. Nokia's hopping on that wagon with its new Nokia Home Control Center, a Linux-based platform that will control your house's resources via your mobile phone.


According to Nokia, the NHCC will allow third-party developers to create services that are added onto the accessibility platform. That way, you'll rarely come across an incident where some new smart home tech you bought doesn't actually work with your main controller. NHCC works with Z-Wave, ZigBee and KNX, three of the most common command languages for home networks. It will be launched some time in 2009. [Nokia via Treehugger]



This is so awesome actually. I was going to roll my own with the 770 and then get a couple of 810 to put here and there around the house.

It would have been to big of a project for me to actually get anywhere, but I'm pumped. When I got my 770 I thought to myself "how cool would it be to plug one of these into a home control environment and use it as a touchpad to control everything"? Solutions out there like that are WAY expensive. But some of the devices, like wirleess X10 motion sensors, aren't that expensive. So get a cheap controller biult into a nokia phone device and boom you've got a kick ass set up.