Nokia has used its The Way We Live Next show in Finland to reveal the company's Point&Find system. In a nutshell, the cellphone company is developing the technology to allow you to point your Nokia cell at any object โ€” restaurants, cinemas, even that cute girl you see on the bus to work each morning (er, are you sure about this? Ed) โ€” and the information will immediately be downloaded to your phone.

Earlier this year Nokia bought up a Silicon Valley start-up called PIXTO, the creator of the Point&Find technology. Combining specially-designed systems architecture, AI, GPS and image processing, Point&Find works on existing cell phones, provided they are equipped with a camera and internet connection.


Point your mobile at the cinema and it will tell you what's on and when, let you view the trailer, and even buy the tickets; click in front of a restaurant and you'll get the latest reviews. Historical landmarks, travel posters, shop windows, etc, will all become reality hyperlinks. And as for the girl on the bus โ€” well, give Nokia 10 years and, thanks to face recognition, perhaps you'll be able to link directly to her website. [Nokia via Mobile Mentalism]