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Just hung out with Nokia last night at their N90 event where they were flogging their mobile phone-camming contest and their work with Philip-Lorca DiCorcia, one of them fancy photogs, and Carl Zeiss for their optics in the N90. Generally, the N90 was a hot little number but I think their See New competition is something to take a gander at.

The competition invites anyone with a 1-megapixel or higher cameraphone to submit photos. The grand prize winner get a day with DiCorcia and regional winners get two tickets to any destination with—get this—"access to luxurious airport lounges." That's PR-speak for "we'll stick your ass on a business flight to Nepal."


Because most mobogging, up to this point, has consisted grainy shots of people's junk, it's nice to see some art going into this thing.

Product Page [Nokia]