Nokia's Very Nice (Net) Booklet 3G Is $299 Plus Your Soul on AT&T

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Surprise, Nokia's Booklet 3G—a very nice netbook—is just gonna be $299 on Oct. 22, way below previous estimates of like a bajillion dollars. Granted, you're signing your soul over to AT&T for $60/month to get it that cheaply.


The pricing plan is $60 a month to get the $299, which you have to agree to for two years. That's $1440 over those 24 loooong months, adding up to about $1750. Other plans will be coming "down the road," but it's still gonna be cheaper to get it off-contract for 600 bucks.


AT&T's gonna be the "exclusive activation partner" for the Booklet 3G and Best Buy's gonna be the "exclusive retail" outlet, meaning AT&T's the only place to get it on contract so it's $299 instead of god-knows-what, but you'll only be able to buy it at Best Buy. Got that? AT&T's Glenn Lurie says that was "his decision" to let Best Buy sell it exclusively through the holidays, but won't commit to AT&T selling it direct in the future. Okay.

Funny, Nokia's fastidiously avoiding the word netbook, preferring the nomenclature "mini PC," 'cause it runs Windows 7. Right. They're emphasizing that the battery is a "true 12 hours." But that doesn't include 3G usage, so it's gonna way less if you're using it the way you're actually supposed to.

Oh and if I hear "Nokia is a mobility company, that's their heritage" one more time, I'm gonna puke. Mobile puke.

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If not for the allegedly shitty AT&T network, I'd say this is a good deal. It's still cheaper than getting a contract on a separate dongle.

As for The Mobility Company, that title belongs to this one here: