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Remember the 2007 Weblog Awards last January, you know, the real awards where you can only vote once? Gizmodo walked away with two big awards: Best Computers or Technology Weblog, and Best-Designed Weblog. Now it's time for nominations for the 2008 version of this genuine award, and we invite you to please nominate your friends here at the Giz for whatever categories you deem appropriate. Might we suggest Best Group Weblog, Most Humorous Weblog, Best Computers or Technology Weblog, Best-Designed Weblog, Best Writing a Weblog, or the big kahuna, Weblog of the Year? Remember that pony we promised you if we won those other awards? It's still in the Gizmodo stables, neighing the winter away. Keep that in mind. [2008 Bloggies]

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