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Microsoft's X05 got underway in Amsterdam yesterday. It was billed as the first chance to, "fully experience Xbox 360, including the first opportunity to play next generation games and encounter the unique digital entertainment capabilities of Xbox 360." So what was the big news to emerge from the event? That Peter Jackson is executive producing the Halo movie. Yep, WETA Digital and WETA Workshop will supply special effects for the film. Otherwise, Microsofties were on hand to say very little about the launch lineup for the 360. The official word is that there will be 20 games available on November 22, but only Project Gotham Racing 3, Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero, Madden NFL 06, NBA Live 06, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06, Need for Speed Most Wanted, and FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup have been confirmed. A few new titles were teased out, including the urban-themed Crackdown, but they didn't even put a firm date on Call of Duty 2 or Gears of War.

Hopefully some more solid news will emerge next week when Microsoft brings the 360 to NYC for another tour. But the question remains: Should you buy the Xbox 360 out of the gate, or wait for a few more games to be released and the price to drop?


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