Non Interview: First iPhone Campers Not What Apple Expected

Click to viewYou know those two guys waiting in line for the iPhone a whole 100 hours early? We've got an exclusive non-interview with them. And this grumpy guy is probably not what Apple expected when it envisioned the perfect customer for the iPhone.


Fake Steve is going to cry this is a Microsoft plant. But, look at it this way: he's a living, breathing, sweating indicator that Apple's iPhone really does appeal to the masses, and is ready for more love from the mainstream. Hey, you can't sell 10 million phones by catering only to beautiful technocrats.

Oh and readers, can you help identify these two men? Do you know them? If you do, email us.

UPDATE: Carolyn over at CNet talked to the man, and found out he's a veteran camper, having endured a PS3 launch. Aha, he looks so much friendlier in these shots.

Video by Nick McGlynn and Richard Blakeley

UPDATE: Andrew Andrew sends in photo of #1 iPhone fan's mysterious sign.



Guys like that always reafirms my belief that gadget/console-release waiting lines is the place NOT to be, apart from people who are really profitting from it (like people who write news and reviews and get paid for that).

Other that that, I'd say it's a pretty stupid thing to do. Release prices are always sky high, it's more likely that you'll have bugs buying the product this soon, and finally, you'll be that stupid idiot complaining about the product not working as promised if that happens.

As for all the benefits, unless the gadget freezes time, or prints money, it's pretty hard to imagine why people can't wait a little longer to have a cellphone with enhanced stuff-you-don't-really-need.