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Even if you don't consider yourself a camera 'fanboy' or 'fangirl' you're probably still inclined to buy accessories branded for your particular hardware. Think about it, if you shoot with a Nikon DSLR would you really want to be caught with a Canon thermos? Probably not, which is why this Telephoto Lens Thermos has no specific affiliations.


Now technically the black and gold color scheme is more closely associated to Nikon hardware, but if you're a Canon user and someone calls you out in it, you can just throw piping hot coffee in their face. Because with a stainless steel insulated body and secure gap, the $25 thermos will keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold—you know the drill. And bonus points are awarded for the clever use of the tripod mount as a handle on the removable mug. [ThinkGeek]


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