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Yet More Camera Lens Mugs and Thermoses To Choose From

Illustration for article titled Yet More Camera Lens Mugs and Thermoses To Choose From

Just when you thought camera lens mugs were dead and buried now that a $1,300 lens had been turned into a thermos, Photojojo's started stocking two new ones—and best of all, they don't have Canon or Nikon branding.


So if you happen to favor a rival brand, get in quick as Photojojo has the black mug at $24 and the white telephoto thermos at $30. [Photojojo]

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I just received the black one this morning! (the stainless steel Canon version) and I have to say that the detailing is really well done. You cannont drink through the cap, so it remains open when you are drinking - not great for the car, but fine for the office. Bottom line, it's a great novelty/conversation piece but just a decent drinking mug (my coffee didn't stay hot any longer than the styrofoam cup I normally use). Buy it for the cool factor.

BTW, the amazon ratings on the white one were particularly low.