Nook Firmware 1.1 Is Out, And It's No Miracle

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According to those lucky enough to have a Nook, firmware 1.1 is live now. Forums are full of sporadic claims like faster page turns and tweaked file handling. Have you noticed anything special? Updated

Because in the words of our own Wilson Rothman, "It feels like not much has changed." The only thing he notices off the bat is that returning to the book you're reading, after going to the main menu, is quicker, though it's still just as slow to load a new book up. As for page turns, he's still seeing the 1-2 second page turns he saw before, and the highlights-and-notes bug he uncovered during his review seems to be unrepaired.


It seems the Nook—a beautiful piece of hardware in its own right—is still in need of one heck of a firmware update. [Teleread Thanks JP!]

Update: According to B&N spokespeople:

This week, we are conducting our first over-the-air update with version 1.1 software. Nook 1.1 enables seamless connection of a customer's Nook in Barnes & Noble stores, providing exclusive content and promotions over our free Wi-Fi connection. This update also begins to provide some core speed and performance improvements and enhances the customer's reading experience by enabling them to begin reading their content sooner. Information can be found at As with any new software, we will continue to optimize and expand Nook's capabilities using seamless over-air-updates which don't require any action by the Nook customer. We expect to conduct a larger Nook software update early next year.

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I was close to buying an Ebook for myself for Xmas. In the spirit of research, I came online to see what sort of books I could get hold of if I did get one.

To my horror I discovered that basically, you can't. There IS no open book service and there IS no piracy scene. What you can get is horribly formatted.

I am not interested. If I got one, as things stand, I'd simply never use it. I won't pay ten pounds for a digital copy, poorly formatted, over a retail service, when I can pay the same for a real book. I had dreams of completely converting my library into one device, but I would have to spend hundreds, perhaps thousands to do it through digital retail copies.