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Norse God Usurps Leprechaun's Cereal Empire

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Marvel and General Mills' Loki Charms cereal packaging featuring a cartoon version of Loki juggling cereal pieces on a green rainbow.
Would Infinity Stone marshmallows have been so hard?
Image: General Mills

Loki has done some horrible things in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including murdering Phil Coulson and leading an alien invasion of Earth in which countless people died. But now the Norse god of mischief has gained control of Lucky Charms cereal, and this crime is beyond the pale.

Look, the problem isn’t the cereal itself, because Loki Charms is a verrrrry good tie-in with the upcoming Disney+ show. It’s that the limited edition cereal is extremely limited, with only 3,500 going on sale on at 11:00 am ET this Wednesday, just prior to the series debut. And it’s likely going to be more limited than that; apparently, General Mills has allowed fans the opportunity to guess an encryption code that will allow up to 1000 of them to purchase Loki Charms early. So you’re almost certainly not going to get your grubby little hands on one unless you pay Heimdall-only-knows how much on eBay for what is truly just a cardboard box.

Image for article titled Norse God Usurps Leprechaun's Cereal Empire
Image: General Mills

The Lucky Charms cereal hasn’t changed at all. It just has a goofy cartoon drawing on Loki on the front of the package—a package that would be stupendously easy to mass produce if Marvel and General Mills wanted more than a few thousand fans to have access to them. Instead, countless Loki fans will try to buy one, fail, be sad, and then wonder if they should pay whatever exorbitant price the box goes for online.

Honestly, it’s a scheme worthy of Loki himself... and maybe that’s the point? Again, head over to this Wednesday, or save yourself some time and just be sad you didn’t get your own box.


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