Illustration for article titled Not Even the Dark Knight Would Use This Insanely Dangerous Knife

Batman is best known for his wonderful arsenal of gadgets and weapons, but even with a suit of bulletproof body armor the caped crusader probably still wouldn't touch this scary-looking knife with a ten-foot batpole.


Designed by Tom Anderson, the Interceptor looks like its creator started with a standard set of 'brass' knuckles but then went completely overboard with a series of fang-like blades. It's probably pretty effective at injuring an attacker, but from the looks of it, the person brandishing the blade might walk away with just as many cuts and abrasions. And where the hell are you supposed to safely carry this thing? You can get it here for about $56, but make sure you also pick up a case of Polysporin and bandages before you decide to wield it. [Knife Depot via Geek Alerts]


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