Nothing Says Halloween Like a Bleeding Skull Candle

Remember the scene in Hamlet where he delivers an impassioned soliloquy to his dead friend's skull? Yeah, that was fine. But now wouldn't that scene have been vastly improved if Yorick's skull had started spontaneously spouting blood from its eye sockets?


We think so too - which is why this Bleeding Skull Candle may be the single greatest purchase you make this Halloween. A red candle sits hidden inside its head, ready to delight and/or disgust any passersby. Plus, at $13, it's relatively affordable, making it perfect for all your haunted house, daily lighting, and ritual pagan sacrificing needs.


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Love My V8 Finder of Paths

I purchased about three of these for 2 bucks a piece the day after halloween and when I lit them, the holes got plugged up. Had to gouge them out with a nail file (don't tell my sister it was me). The Zombie head one is very cool because not only does blood come out the eyes, the mouth too!