Nothing to See Here, Please Drive Thru

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It must be a sad thing when Google thinks your city is not even worth taking the covers off the cameras mounted in a Street View car.


Apparently, someone forgot to do just that for ten miles in Wellington, New Zealand. Or maybe they believed there's nothing to see in 10 miles of road near Wellington. After all, if you saw the Lord of the Rings, you saw all of it, mate.

Hopefully, now that the Conchords are back in New Zealand, they will fix it so we can catch a glimpse of them herding the sheep.

[Google Maps—Thanks Kris]

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Honestly, 90% of street view could look like this and it wouldn't make one bit of difference to me. I know I am in the minority here, but the product is a novelty that does not have nearly the usefulness that we credit it. Still, I am sure the two people living on those ten miles in Wellington are getting their attorneys ready.