Driving in New York can be a pretty agonizing experience—but then, so can walking and biking. Still, in such a congested city, you're going to need to be either extremely lucky or extremely okay with breaking the speed limit if you want to hit even just two green lights in a row. But 55 green lights? That takes an act of god. Or, in one Reddit user's case, a late night and some very careful calculations.

At 3am one night, Tim Burke stayed between 28 and 33 mph—never once breaking the law, mind you—taking advantage of NYC's "green wave" system, in which lights are staggered by 10 seconds so cars going the speed limit can enjoy a smooth ride. But even with the system in place, it's rare to have the streets so clear of obstructions. So sit back, and live vicariously through what will likely be the most life-affirming six-and-a-half minutes of your day. [Reddit via Gothamist]