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Notorious Bird Criminal Stole Knife From Crime Scene

Image: Canuck holding a different knife in a Facebook photo uploaded April 11.
Image: Canuck holding a different knife in a Facebook photo uploaded April 11.

Vancouver is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada, filled with tourist-friendly parks and beaches. It’s also home to Canuck, who the CBC describes as “Vancouver’s most notorious crow,” suggesting some sort of city-wide crow notoriety ranking. Why so notorious? Well, Canuck stole a knife from an active crime scene among other things.


Earlier this week, a man set fire to a vehicle in Vancouver and then threatened police with a knife. Canuck—who can be identified by a red band on his leg—watched the scene from atop the flaming car, then swooped in to grab the knife from behind police tape after the man had been apprehended. The weapon was eventually recovered by police, at which point Canuck made attempts to steal glasses and equipment from a news crew. As Vancouver Courier reporter Mike Howell told the CBC, “A cop chased it for about 15 to 20 feet, and then the crow dropped [the knife] and took off.” At least he wasn’t trying to drop flaming sticks into dry brush, like some asshole birds we know.

The bird clearly doesn’t give a damn about anything which is what makes him cool. Canuck’s been known to steal small items from pedestrians in the past, including keys, cigarettes, and loose change. As a result he’s earned his own Facebook page with over 11,000 likes where Vancouverites chronicle their run-ins with the infamous crow. Canuck’s behavior might be beyond his control, as apparently city living can cause birds to act more aggressively.


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He goes by Notorious B-I-R-D