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November 16 Google Music Event Will Apparently Go to Eleven

Illustration for article titled November 16 Google Music Event Will Apparently Go to Eleven

The search giant sent out invitations to an event for November 16. The invite states that "These Go To Eleven," a reference to the Spinal Tap joke and a clue that it'll be talking about its Google Music service.


It's speculated that Google will introduce Google+ integration and the ability to purchase music directly from Google. Unfortunately, according to CNET Google has yet to secure licensing deals from the all the major labels. If Google does intend on taking on iTunes, there's a good chance they'll be hashing out the licensing details over the weekend. [Verge via CNET]

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Yes, yes, announce your store... but please also announce a paid version of the uploading feature that doesn't have limits just like Amazon. The Amazon app runs like crap on my phone now that I'm near 18k songs whereas the Music app handles the 10k or so with ease.