Hear that? It's the weekend, barreling down the tracks of time. Let's stop that metaphor right there before we all start reflecting on the meaning of existence, and instead focus on the gadgets that went on sale this week! From the new to the newly-revamped to the somewhat puzzling, this week brought plenty of gizmos to consider. Stop wasting your life and read on!

GoPro Hero 3+: Though it looks pretty similar to last year's model (the new one's on the right), the new GoPro's guts hold some notable improvements. In our hands-on comparison, the new Hero 3+'s improved lens, longer battery life, redesigned mics, and tweaked software added up to a better overall camera that, since it looks just like last year's, will still fit in the Hero 3's case. [From $300]

Windows 8.1: The newest update to Windows' crazy ambitious software comes out October 18th, but preorders for 8.1 ($120) and 8.1 Pro ($200) are available now for those of you still running Windows 7. If you're already on Windows 8, don't buy it — your free update comes October 17th. [Microsoft Store]

Libratone Loop: This wireless speaker orb combines fancy Danish design (including interchangeable colored fleece covers) with Apple AirPlay and Android DLNA compatibility, and is equally comfortable on the wall or a tabletop. [$500]

Roku: The whole lineup of Roku set-top puck thingies got an overhaul, with the low- and mid-price models getting new guts and a new design to match the range-topping trio, and they're shipping as of October 1st. [Starting at $50]

August Smart Lock: This slick, Yves Behar-designed add-on brings Bluetooth iPhone connectivity to your existing deadbolt, letting you unlock your door just by standing near it, and letting you bestow such capability on other people's phones via text or email. While the original release date has been pushed back, $200 gets you on the preorder list starting this week. [August]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear: This dream-team of a big ol' phone and a somewhat puzzling smartwatch is now available from Sprint, Verizon, T Mobile and AT&T. We're not entirely sold on Samsung's smartwatch, but if it's your kinda thing, you can get your hands on it (or more accurately, get it on your wrist) now.