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Lenovo released a new nettop today, but they've got bigger and better plans for their latest creation that might be worth waiting for.


• Lenovo's C100 nettop we first spotted a few weeks ago is now shipping, but we're still waiting on Lenovo to deliver some of the more exciting features they promised. The C100 features an 18.5" display, Windows XP, and your choice of either a single or dual-core Atom processor. We heard from Lenovo back in August that they're planning a touchscreen version of the C100 to take advantage of the Windows 7 touch pack, but that option won't be available until at least October. If you don't need all that fancy touchscreen witchcraft or just don't want to wait, you can grab the C100 over at Lenovo's online store today. Starts at $400. [Electronista]

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