"Now You Can Dial" Teaches You How To Call Your Sepia-Colored Friends

It's so easy to take for granted how present-day technology has found an accepted place in our lives. That place was hard earned, after lots of patronizing. Imagine a 50s-era Android instructional video. Kinda like this, but cheesier. [Laughing Squid]


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The biggest problem users of this new technology encountered back in those days was confusing the letter "o" for the numeral "zero". This instructional film didn't help with that at all. She didn't use "zero" through the whole film. This mistake rests solely on the shoulders of the technical writers. They still make silly mistakes like this when attempting to instruct people on the use of modern devices. Alan Cooper wrote a wonderful book, "The inmates are running the asylum", which touches on this very problem. Programmers beware. It's rather uncomplimentary to people in your profession.