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Now You Can Hang the Most Badass Aviation Photo Ever on Your Wall

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Not long ago Lockheed Martin posted on its Instagram account the most badass aviation photograph ever. Just look at it:

The caption says:

This unaltered image was captured at Beale Air Force Base, CA, in the late 1980's. All of the subjects wearing pressurized flight suits are actual pilots or back-seat reconnaissance systems officers. Not pictured: Behind the photographer, Eric Schulzinger, were special transport vans, oxygen canisters and @officialusairforce.


Oh dear, this shot is even more badass than the legendary Photo of the Most Elite Pilots on Earth. Because Blackbird.

I have seen low quality versions of this photo on the internet, but the image on Instagram was clearly generated from a much better source file. And I wanted that file, not just for myself, but for everyone. I asked Lockheed Martin for it, and with supersonic speed they replied and sent it over into my inbox.


So, thanks to Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and Skunk Works, here is the high-res image (4,2 MB, 2552 × 2043). Click "expand", save it, print it, frame it, put it on your wall:

Photo credit: Eric Schulzinger/Lockheed Martin