Now's Your Chance To Buy a Bionic Camera Eye For a Lady

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After a close encounter with Death's sickle during a car accident in 2005, Tanya Vlach lost her left eyeball. Not content with any old prosthetic replacement, she wants the Kickstarter community to fund a totally Terminator-style cyborg eyeball.


Having appealed to WIRED magazine founder Kevin Kelly, engineers flocked to her call for ideas, and provided her with a list of features she should be looking for. Well, if you're going to kit out your body with a high-tech bionic eye, you may as well aim high, right? Personally, I'd love to be able to take geotagged photo simply by blinking my eye, or to capture 720p video on the fly.

Hoping to raise $15,000 for her new eye, Vlach has already received over $5,000 worth of funding from supportive fans. And if you happen to stump up five grand, you'll be awarded with your very own souvenir bionic eyeball. You know...just in case. [Kickstarter via LA Times]


I know that I'm asking to be called heartless and insensitive but am I the only one that thinks that this is, for the lack of a better word, greedy? She's not asking for help to pay for some medically necessary procedure, but a completely optional, "want."