Nutter Holds Victim With Sega Light Phaser for 10 Hours

Those Brazilians seem to have a problem with gaming and kidnapping. This time it was a crazy guy who used a Sega Light Phaser—from the good old Master System—to kidnap a woman for ten hours.


According to Brazilian new site Globo, the man invaded a house in Samambaia, a city near Brazil's capital Brazilia, to get them to pay a debt of 42 reales ($111). However, instead of breaking their legs with a baseball bat, the guy tried to pew-pew them with a Sega Light Phaser, which if funny until you see the two kitchen knives he was also carrying with him.

After ten hours of negotiation, the man liberated the woman. According to the police, the man had previous charges for killing and drug abuse, which explains the use of the Light Phaser. [Kotaku]


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