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NVIDIA is stepping up to the next level in the graphics card wars, set to announce its latest weapons, the Geforce 7900GTX (pictured above) and its slightly less-capable sibling, the Geforce 7900GT. The GTX core runs at 650MHz while its memory zips along at 1600MHz. By comparison, the lesser GT has a 450MHz core speed and its memory runs at a respectable 1320MHz. They both have 256-bit memory but the GT holds 256MB while the GTX is packing 512MB.

The GTX has truly impressive specs, with a total bandwidth of an astonishing 51.2GB per second. The only downside is its 120-watt power consumption, and if you hook it up in an SLI system with two or four cards, you're drawing just about as many amps as your oven does on Thanksgiving Day. The Geforce 7900 GTX will run between $499 - $649, while the Geforce 7900 GT will be $299.


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