Nvidia's New 8400 GS Will Hit 65nm and Support PCIe 2.0

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Now that ATI has finished rolling out their new graphics cards, the boys in green are attempting to take back the spotlight with the new 8400 GS, Nvidia's first GPU to rely on 65nm architecture. What's all the fuss about? 65nm GPUs will be cooler, faster and cheaper to manufacture. The new card will also support the faster PCIe 2.0 standard. The 8400 GS is expected this fall with more 65nm cards due in Q4.


Nvidia Readies 65nm GPUs for Fall This Year [SlashGear]

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Sweet, sweet low profile video cards. I've been waiting quite some time to find a card that can take the place of my low profile X700. I'm not sure exactly what the performance of the 8400GS is going to be in relation to any other video card, but something about the number 4 doesn't sit as well as a 5 or a 6 with me. I also get a bad vibe from the letter S at the end. Perhaps if they could call it an 8500GT I'd be less cautious, because right now it just reminds me of the 7300GS, which was in no way an acceptable card.

On the other hand, if this card incorporates their new hardware decoding for HD-DVD in a low profile form, it could be a great HTPC card. I guess we'll have to wait a few more months to see whether any manufacturers pick this card up, and whether they actually make a low profile, rather than just using the 65nm gpu to make huge fanless heatsink designs.