Me: "Honey, where did the guests go?" Her: "Maybe they left after they realized they spilled red wine all over our new Loftbox 101 folding furniture. And why is it all folded up?" Me: "Call an ambulance."


Get it?! Our designer folding furniture reverted back to its original shape, ate the guests and murdered them! Funny, right?

No? Well, in any event here's some details on this furniture concept from designer Rainer Graff:


The Loftbox 101 begins life as a large futuristic-looking ottoman, from which springs forth two couches, a coffee table and even a monitor for watching movies with your guests.

It's actually a pretty good idea for small New York apartments and, if it ever makes it past the design stage, will probably end up being used as a deluxe version of one of those coffin-like one-person hotel pods you see in Japan. Just don't leave them or small children unattended around this thing. [PSFK via Born rich]