NYT: The Galaxy S IV Will Auto-Scroll By Gazing Deep Into Your Eyes

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With the Galaxy S IV announcement just barely over a week away, rumors are swirling. But one of the stand-outs, now being confirmed by the New York Times, is that the Galaxy S IV will be able to scroll all by itself, just by looking at your eyes.

It's a super simple concept. As you're reading down the screen and reach the bottom, the phone watches where your eyeballs are lookin' and scrolls down for you. Futuristic, right? There's no word on exactly what kind of tech would be being used to do this, but Samsung has trademarked the terms "Samsung Eye Scroll" and "Eye Scroll" in Europe and the U.S. respectively. "Eye Pause" too, but it's anybody's guess on how that works.


While it certainly sounds neat-o to have your phone auto-scroll, your hand is right there, you know, holding the phone. Not to mention it also means the thing is staring at your face all the time. The ability to auto-scroll like that would indicate some eye-tracking and facial recognition tech with some serious finesse though, so it could very well be put to other uses as well. We'll find out soon. [New York Times]

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My guess for Eye Pause would be while watching a movie - if you look away it will pause the video and the moment you look back at the screen it resumes. Yay, nay?