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There have been rumors that Samsung's new flagship Galaxy phone was not one for Mobile World Congress, but would instead have its own gala on March 14th. We'd heard reports earlier today confirming the date, but now Samsung has made it social media official. Get ready.


At Mobile World Congress, Samsung Electronics' mobile division chief JK Shin was quoted by Edaily as saying:

"We introduced the Galaxy S III in London last year, and this time we changed the venue (to New York)... as we were bombarded with requests from U.S. mobile carriers to unveil the Galaxy S IV in the country."

And Samsung's Twitter account has backed that up with a tweet, teasing a "Samsung Unpacked" event for March 14th in New York City where the "next Galaxy" will be revealed.


The event will also be livestreamed on Samsung's YouTube account, so you can bet it'll be a spectacle. [Edaily via The Verge]

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