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Report: The Galaxy S IV Is Definitely Being Announced on March 14th

Illustration for article titled Report: The Galaxy S IV Is Definitely Being Announced on March 14th

It should come as no surprise the Samsung Galaxy IV is coming. The only question was whether or not it would rear its head at the upcoming Mobile World Congress alongside competitors like the HTC one. Apparently not. According to The Verge, sources say it is definitely coming on March 14th at a Samsung event.


The rumors started with a vague-but-not-too-vague tweet by mobile-review's Eldar Murtazin that implied something was going down on the 14th and that it would negatively affect sales of the upcoming HTC One. Unnamed sources have now confirmed to The Verge that there is such an event, and that it's a Samsung shindig in New York City where the successor to the Samsung throne, the Galaxy S IV will be revealed.


The announcement is said to focus heavily on features over pure specs, apparently the jump from the S III to the S IV will be "larger" than that of the II to the III. So far we've only manage to see a crappy photo, allegedly of the new Samsung handset, and nothing else. Expect to learn a whole lot more come March 14th. [The Verge]

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