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Similar in design to the Thump 2, this O ROKR combines a pretty decent set of shades with the Bluetooth-enabled headphones which allow you to stream music from an iPod or a Bluetooth-enabled phone straight to your listen-holes. To make this work with your iPod, you'll need to buy a NaviPlay Bluetooth iPod Adapter, and to make it work with Bluetooth phones you will need a phone with A2DP support.


The sound quality was good with both the iPod and the Bluetooth phones, but with the NaviPlay there was some distortion in the high end, possibly due to Bluetooth 1.2 not being able to handle that much data being streamed. Other than this, the calling part is acceptable and the buttons located on the left and right side are pretty easy to reach.

It's available now for $249. The NaviPlay for iPod integration costs $99.

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