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Oakley Nanowire Sunglasses Have Magical Qualities But Aren't Rose-Colored

Illustration for article titled Oakley Nanowire Sunglasses Have Magical Qualities But Arent Rose-Colored

Oakley has just released a pair of radical-looking polarized sunglasses, made out of some miraculous substance the company has dubbed Nanowire. If you wade through the marketSpeak it's actually a lightweight titanium alloy with "memory" that can stand up to some heavy bending and snap right back to where it was before. Every piece of technology that goes into these $300 sunglasses is creatively named—you simply must get a load of this.


The lens material is called "Plutonite," said to filter out 100% of ultraviolet rays up to 400nm, and then there's also "Unobtanium," the magical substance (that must be hard to somehow get your hands on) of which the frames are made. And then of course, there is a "hydrophobic" lens coating that must be really scared of water because it chases away rain drops, plus it can repel slime and various particles of dead skin and dust, too. Let's hope it's not afraid of fireworks, for those who insist on wearing their sunglasses at night.

Peering beyond that creative marketing, we're looking at this product through rose-colored glasses, because these are some great-looking shades even though they will set you back three C-notes. The clever naming schemes are just an added entertainment bonus. Maybe other companies will join in and come up with their own kooky names for their products. We can only hope.


Product Page [Oakley, Inc., via Pop Gadget]

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Uh, this is also called Flexon and Maui Jim's been selling these sunglasses with Flexon technology for 5 years now. Why is this news worthy?